GoodVision International

GoodVision India team | © EinDollarBrille

Connected worldwide: GoodVision International

Together with the parent organization EinDollarBrille e.V., the individual national organizations work under the common umbrella of “GoodVision”. Our goal: to establish basic ophthalmic care for people worldwide.

List of all national organizations:

  • ​GoodVision Bolivia / Lentes Al Instante Bolivia
  • GoodVision Brazil / Renovatio
  • GoodVision Burkina Faso​
  • GoodVision Columbia​
  • GoodVision Germany / EinDollarBrille Deutschland​
  • HI-Bolivia-Foundation​
  • GoodVision India / Care Netram​
  • GoodVision India Foundation​
  • GoodVision Kenya​
  • GoodVision Liberia​
  • GoodVision Malawi​
  • GoodVision Myanmar​
  • GoodVision Paraguay / RETINA-Fundación Paraguay​
  • GoodVision Peru / Lentes Al Instante Peru​
  • GoodVision Switzerland / EinDollarBrille Schweiz​
  • GoodVision USA​

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