Suzanna can sew again

Suzanna has 15 children and 54 grandchildren and lives in a small village in the Amazon.

Suzanna on her sewing machine | © Martin Aufmuth

Suzanna can sew again

Five hours away for glasses

Suzanna is 74 years old and lives in a small village in the Amazon. She has 15 children, 54 grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. When she heard we were coming Suzanna immediately set off on a boat ride for five hours, followed by some distance on foot in order to get reading glasses.

Rice and guava juice

Overjoyed with her new glasses, Suzanna invited our entire team to her home for the next day. We were welcomed with rice chicken, vegetables and freshly squeezed guava juice.

The sewing machine

After dinner, Suzanna proudly showed how she can put the thread back into the needle of her old Singer sewing machine thanks to her new glasses. She can finally sew for her family again – for the first time in about ten years.


Suzanna raised 15 children with her husband. The essentials were often lacking and Suzanna is very grateful that she can now support her large family with her work again.

“I can finally sew for my family again – I haven’t been able to do that for ten years.”

Suzanna at the age of 74 in the Amazon