GoodVisionGlasses endurance test

We wanted to know: what can GoodVisionGlasses really withstand?

GoodVisionGlasses endurance test

When training in Burkina Faso (West Africa), our GoodVisionGlasses opticians should learn how to repair bent glasses for a customer.

For this we had to bend the glasses frames. First we stood on it with our feet. But that didn’t bend the frame. Next we rolled over it with a motorcycle. That was also not enough to bend the frames properly. Then Thomas, our project manager, drove the jeep over his glasses …

Now the frame was bent, the glasses had jumped out. Dafrassin, our production manager took his pliers and started the repair.

Then, after only 2 minutes, Daffrasin proudly put on the glasses he had repaired.
Only the plastic glasses got a few scratches.

“These glasses are really indestructible.”

Dafrassin, Production Manager (Burkina Faso)