Our team

in Burkina Faso has almost 70 employees.

Team in Burkina Faso | © Isabella Bilger

Big team

Almost 70 people work for our project in Burkina Faso. This makes OneDollarGlasses one of the large employers in the country today. We are proud to report that a high proportion of the costs of wages, rent, transportation, etc. can be covered through the sale of glasses. A truly sustainable business: development aid as a social business.


From the beginning Daouda has been one of our most diligent glasses manufacturers in Burkina Faso despite being in a wheelchair since childhood. Daouda is proud of his work: his fixed income supports his siblings. Our team is his second family, he says.


Agathe has also been involved in OneDollarGlasses in Burkina Faso from the start. She started out as a glasses’ manufacturer but quickly moved on to a GoodVisionTechnician role as Agathe likes to help people and competently performs eye tests as part of her job. Agathe is the only one in her family to have regular work – her income is vital for the whole family.

Romaric learns to read

Romaric has been working as a glasses’ manufacturer in our project in Burkina Faso for 2 years. His family had very limited resources and thus he received minimal school education. Romaric dreamed of being able to read. OneDollarGlasses started a crowdfunding campaign and raised money for his lessons. Because Romaric was very motivated to learn, he not only has a regular income from his OneDollarGlasses’ job, but now he can also read! His first book was “The Little Prince”.

Photos: Martin Aufmuth, Isabella Bilger

“One dollar glasses is my second family.”

Daouda, producer of glasses (Burkina Faso)